Walkabout: Pressgang Paparazzi

Location: UK

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Pressgang are not just Photographers, but they are also 1940é─˘s style Paparazzi, out to capture your guests on film as they arrive at your event and to get them right in the party mood. They will treat each guest like a Hollywood Movie Star and amuse them with our quirky American accents and laughable antics.
Hereé─˘s how it works; as your guests arrive, they will give out a card to each person that we snap a picture of; the card contains a unique web addressé─Âthe following day, these Photoé─˘s can be downloaded from this web site for FREE! Your guests get solid images of the fun they had at your party. And you get images for your portfolio of how fantastic your events are.
This is an ideal way to get everybody in the mood from the outset and have memorable shots from the night.
Generally, they will capture everyone as they arrive, but arrangements can be made for them to mingle and snap away throughout the evening.

Pressgang can also offer Miss Construe...
Miss Construe is a hilarious and off the cuff performer that will greet your guests as they arrive with some cheeky banter and really get them giggling and ready for the party. One of the film crew is simply part
of the act, but the other is ACTUALLY filming the event and we will be able to play back the footage to your guests later on that evening,(depending on your Audio/Visual set-up)

Pressgang Paparazzi Pressgang Paparazzi Pressgang Paparazzi
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