Stilts: Predatron

Location: UK

PredatronImpact Artists   PredatronImpact Artists

Predatron is a fantastic walkabout act now available to the UK entertainment industry. This futuristic android will stun audiences wherever it is seen. Insanely detailed battle armor and hi-tech weapons such as CO2 ice cannon and light-saber blades, compliments Predatron's overwhelming presence. If your event needs something unique, if you want a walkabout that will draw attention then this is it.

Towering 9ft tall, and with built in sound fx, UV reactive undersuit, lights and lasers, Predatron dominates its surroundings creating a visual spectacle that will leave people talking about it for days.
Perfect for shows, festivals, exhibitions, corporate events, nightclubs and street parades. Imagine this awesome act greeting guests as they arrive at your event, while providing a once in a lifetime photo opportunity!

Predatron Predatron Predatron Predatron Predatron
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