Drag Artistes: Powder Puff Girlz

Location: UK

Powder Puff GirlzImpact Artists   Powder Puff GirlzImpact Artists

Daniella and Lady k would like to welcome you to the fantabulous and discotastic world of the POWDER PUFF GIRLZ.
With their flawless choreography and fierce lip-syncing, this dance drag duo will transport you with their untouchable shows and routines to entertainment heaven. As trained dancers and with their artistic minds the POWDER PUFFS know how to create amazing shows and outrageous looks. The POWDER PUFFS have over 15 years of professional experience in the entertainment business so they know what an audience wants and know how to deliver it to them...
The Powder Puff Girlz have various shows and routines which can be from just one number up to 50 min shows. They do cabaret tracks, to disco, to musical, to pop, to club tracks.
They are brill with hosting, mix and mingle, appearances and being fabulous! They have lots of different looks to suit many occasions.
They have many shows under their glittering belts for birthday celebrations, weddings, civil ceremonies, parties and corporate events, if not performing one of their sizzling existing shows, they then get the chance to create great new ideas to fit within the events theme.

They are not to missed, a force to be reckoned with, a first class foot stomping all round entertaining dance drag duo, they are the POWDER PUFF GIRLZ!!!

Powder Puff Girlz Powder Puff Girlz Powder Puff Girlz Powder Puff Girlz Powder Puff Girlz
Powder Puff Girlz
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