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Polina is a talented, charming and flexible all around performer from Russia. Within last few years she has worked all around the USA and Switzerland together with companies such as Salto Natale Entertainment AG (Zurich) and Dream Cast Entertainment Inc. (Las Vegas, NV).

Polina Volcheck Polina Volcheck Polina Volcheck
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The Winner of First all American Audition for "Le Crazy Horse de Parisé─¨ (Las Vegas, 2008)

20th and 22nd All-Russian Festival of Modern Choreography "Black cat" (2007, 2009)

"Volga's Fairy" International Tournaments in Rhythmic gymnastics (Russia, 2001-2002)

All Russian Championships in Rhythmic gymnastics (2001-2002)

Russian Regions Championship (2002)

Moscow City Championships (2000-2002)