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Location: UK

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Pete Lawless White has been a full-time performer for over 20 years. He won the Chester Busker of the Year competition 2 years running 1985 and 86, and has continually improved his craft since then. He trained with the Manchester based 'School for Fools', and is now a celebrated comic performer with a wealth of experience.
He has two shows available:

Pete White's Suitcase Circus
Pete has performed this for over 20 years, it is very versatile, he has enough material for 3 different 30 minute shows, plus a circus workshop when appropriate. Shows always include juggling, spoof magic, diabolo, tricks with balloons, ping pong balls, boomerangs, chocolate biscuits, and other stunts and comic inventions.

Trevor Organ's Cracking Crockery
This show was developed with support from Arts Council England, it is a comedy plate spinning show 25 - 40 min duration, where 7 plates are spun, with a few breakages along the way, audience participation, skillful plate manipulation, "Funniest plate-spinning show ever" Cabaret Heaven.