Acrobats: Peres Brothers

Location: Spain

Peres BrothersImpact Artists   Peres BrothersImpact Artists

The brothers Ivan and Adans Lopez Peres represent the 5th generation of a famous Portuguese family of circus artistes.
Their act is a modern presentation of partner equilibristic, in which the static and dynamic acrobatic exercises are combined with movements of modern dance.
The brothers appeared for the first time with the new act at the Cirque de Demain Festival in Paris, France, in 1996, where they awarded the "Gold Medal".
The success of the appearances bring and the appreciation of the specialists result in the following years in performances at the most famous circuses and varieties in Europe.

Peres Brothers Peres Brothers Peres Brothers
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Silver Clown, Monte Carlo Festival
1996 - Gold medal, Cirque de Demain