Artists: Paul Raymonde

Location: UK

Paul RaymondeImpact Artists   Paul RaymondeImpact Artists

Do you enjoy caricatures? Have you ever watched a caricature artist at work?

Paul is one of Britain's leading caricaturists with more than 20 years experience. During this time he has contributed cartoons and caricatures to several major publications (Punch, Private Eye, Reader's Digest, Radio Times and the Observer amongst others) but he also specialises in on-the-spot caricature, a fascinating and unique form of entertainment!
Book him to come to your party, your wedding or your business function and he will draw a series of wickedly accurate quickfire caricatures for the guests - up to 15 of them every hour. The pictures are funny, quite often irreverent - but never insulting. You might even find one of them framed in your friends downstairs loo next time you pop round. Now there's nice little gift that will remind them of you every time they visit that room!

As well as English our artist speaks French and Italian, and is available for 'Cartoon Cabaret' and caricature workshops.

Paul Raymonde Paul Raymonde Paul Raymonde Paul Raymonde
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