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Location: Pakistan

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The world is very infrequently blessed with genius talent that leaves an indelible mark on humanity. In the last century, it was Picasso in the art world who captured the world's imagination. In the realm of South Asian music, one can think of historical figures such as Tansen or Ghalib. In the contemporary period, when it comes to percussionists emanating from the sub-continent the name of a contemporary genius Pappu Sain is inseparable from Dhol. What makes Pappu, as he is affectionately known, so special? Many Dhol players with dedication and hard work can establish themselves as leading exponents of this art-form but it is the whiz kid of Pappu which makes him stand out amongst all Dhol players. He has that inexplicable factor of brilliance which he brings to his playing. His ability to take audience into a kind of musical trance makes him totally singular over the others from similar art forms. He is an accomplished outcome of the Punjab presenting a mysterious and blissful package for the world.

Apart form being exclusively known to almost every part of the country, Sain has performed globally as well, participating in prestigious festivals and concerts, dazzling and captivating audiences by his extraordinary versatility has really lifted the country name. Tours abroad have taken him to almost every major city of the world and giving him chance to be a great ambassador of Pakistan.
He has toured many countries in Europe including UK, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, in Asia, Japan, Dubai, Masqat, India, Srilanka and has always lifted the name of Pakistan.

Pappu Sain Pappu Sain Pappu Sain
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