Jugglers: Owen Reynolds

Location: UK

Related Acts: Hard Shoulder, S.P.A.C.E
Owen ReynoldsImpact Artists   Owen ReynoldsImpact Artists

Owen is one of the most technical and innovative jugglers to come from Ireland this century.

Owen juggles one to five clubs in his solo routine. Combining fast manipulations with amazing technique, this routine can be performed in a number of styles, themes and soundtracks to fit your event.

Night Vision:
Using the latest of juggling technolgy - juggling balls which change colour as they're caught, strobe and leave traces through the air. This act is perfect for nightclubs and other atmospheric venues.

The Walkabout:
Owen will find any object, including himself, to balance, juggle and manipulate. Where there is trouble, he is bound to be involved...

Owen Reynolds Owen Reynolds
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