Walkabout: The Divine Company - Optioscopes

Location: UK

  The Divine Company - OptioscopesImpact Artists  

Arresting, original and spectacular.
Divine Company's fleet of 22 dazzling tempests are available in White, Silver, Gold, Colour and Star Gown Black.

Inspired by the legendary Loie Fuller, these costumes are illuminated by hundreds of blinking points of bright light, and diamond dipped in crystals and mirrors, stones and gems.

Divine Company's Optioscopes feature exquisite illuminated crystal head pieces, diamond-dipped lashes and cheek bones, giant crystals and elaborate hand beading.

For luxurious dance-about or staged performances, from solo performances to spectacular ensemble shows.
Versatile. Beautiful. Unforgettable.

The Divine Company - Optioscopes The Divine Company - Optioscopes The Divine Company - Optioscopes
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