Shows: Old Tianqiao Troupe

Location: China

Old Tianqiao TroupeImpact Artists   Old Tianqiao TroupeImpact Artists

Established in 1979, the Old Tianqiao Troupe enjoy their reputation of expertise in martial arts, unique and high standard performances, and incredible feats of power and agility to demonstrate the limits of human potential. In their regular venue for performance at the Imagine of Old Beijing Theatre they are proud of entertaining around 25000 local people and overseas tourists every year.

Most of their performances are based on Yi Quan (Mind Boxing) practising, which is a traditional Chinese martial arts famous for its effective techniques. And all of our performances require great martial arts skills and strength. There are nearly a hundred high skilled programmes including:
Towing trailer by hair or by ears,
Large stone tiles breaking by head or by hand,
Pushing trailer with a spear withstanding the throat,
Hanging on a paper, etc.

Old Tianqiao Troupe
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