Shows: N.W.S.I

Location: UK

Related Acts: Les Oiseaux de Lux
N.W.S.IImpact Artists   N.W.S.IImpact Artists

Britain's foremost large-scale street-theatre company.

An enigmatic choreography of wrapped human form(arena spectacle 25 mins) Specnic, An invasion of aliens of colour and sound. A middle scale show with pyrotechnics (parade and finale 25 mins)

A pyrotechnic exploration of the images of Salvador Dali (large scale with fireworks and inflatables fireworks fire drawings etc. 35 mins)

Grand Magix:
An exploration of natural and technological magix featuring giant caterpillar giant robot giant dancing magicians a witch on a broomstick that really flies and a giant flying moon moth with onboard electric illumination pyrotechnics and many more special new features (40 mins)