Magicians: Nigel Mead

Location: UK

Nigel MeadImpact Artists   Nigel MeadImpact Artists

Nigel is one of the most exciting close up magicians in England.

He is able to stroll through a party, working entirely with objects from his pockets or common everyday items borrowed from guests. At dinner parties' people are able to sit inches away from the action. But the closer they look the less they see. When the function is suitable Nigel can perform cabaret, his comedy and magic involves the perticipation of the audience to great effect.

Recently Nigel's knowledge and technical ability were combined with his performing skill to feature on a hugely successful cinema advertsing campaign.

Nigel Mead Nigel Mead Nigel Mead
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Press Credits:
"Awesome" - Sting
"No way!" - Steven Spielberg
"You've got powers" - Dido