Jugglers: Nazar Skladany

Location: Ukraine

Nazar SkladanyImpact Artists   Nazar SkladanyImpact Artists

Nazar Skladany is a juggler from an old circus dynasty. He studied direction at the State University of Theatre, Cinema and Television Since 1995. He has been working in the Russian State Circus Company("Circus on Ice", directed by Larisa Chumachenko). Performed in France, Italy, Great Britain, Germany , New Zealand and Hungary. In 2003 he made the original juggler number called "Shaman", staged by Nikolaj Baranov. In 2005 he started his own solo career with a new act entertaining people from all over the world in places like: Variete Club in Sunny Beach-Bulgaria, Holland and Germany. He is currently touring with Neil Goldberg's Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy around the United States.

Nazar Skladany Nazar Skladany Nazar Skladany Nazar Skladany Nazar Skladany
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