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Location: USA

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MURRAY is one of the most in-demand magicians in the world today. He has é─˛reinventedé─˘ himself time and time again and is developing into a é─˛personalityé─˘ not just a magician! He is what we call in the industry a é─˛triple-threaté─˘ é─ý Magician, Comedian, Actor and does all three equally great!
MURRAY is known for his European Cabaret Act, his é─˛signatureé─˘ CD FX act, seen throughout the world and on toursé─Â He was the one that invented doing é─˛magicé─˘ with CDé─˘s! Murray has won 23 awards for ité─Â Titling him a World Champion but right here in the United States, Murray is transitioning into a Host / Comedian working on various Television pilots in Hollywood!
MURRAY is recognized by one the of the worldé─˘s largest magic fraternities, The Society of American Magicians, as being, é─˙one of the driving forces in the future of magic!é─¨
In between his traveling around the globe he is in Hollywood, California where he has been working on a couple of pilots for the new television season and doing stand-up comedy at the famed Comedy Store, Laugh Factory on Sunset Blvd., Ice House Comedy Club, and Hermosa Beach Magic and Comedy Club.

Murray Murray
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