Shows: Swamp Circus Theatre - Moto

Location: UK

  Swamp Circus Theatre - MotoImpact Artists  

Moto is acrobatic theatre with live music. It is a story about air and the motor and the need to breathe... sensational acrobatics and aerial ballet, dangerous jugglers, beautiful clowns and serious stupidity for everyone...

...Astra struggles to breathe after she crashes into Moto's world of motors, madness and air pollution, where dancing yogis and acrobatic clowns clash with jugglers and stilt androids wielding chainsaws and angle-grinders.

Moto's band create a rocking backdrop for the capture of Astra and her allies who threaten Moto's world...
...Eventually escaping up out of the smog, Astra and the cloud spirits put a stop to Moto's fire and fill him up with his own dirty air as the world starts to breathe again.

Fun and excitement for all the family.