Jugglers: Good Looking Jugglers - Money-Pulation

Location: Finland / Sweden

Good Looking Jugglers - Money-PulationImpact Artists   Good Looking Jugglers - Money-PulationImpact Artists

Money-pulation is a perfectly balanced blend of attitude and comedy. Victor Rubilar & Jouni Temonen combine charisma, style and world class juggling with a unique sense of humour to create a dynamic mix of comedy & style that will suprise and amaze you with plenty of skills. One of the few shows in the world where one can find such daring tricks as juggling with up to seven clubs and five footballs, and all this spiced with comedy! These artists will show you how one can be artistic and skillful without losing the sense of humour.
An ideal perfromance for festivals, theatres, cruise ships, events, conferences and circuses

Good Looking Jugglers - Money-Pulation Good Looking Jugglers - Money-Pulation
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