Weird: Miss Trixta

Location: UK

Miss TrixtaImpact Artists   Miss TrixtaImpact Artists

Miss Trixsta provides first class corporate; club and family entertainment. She is guaranteed to entertain your guests with spectacular choreographed fire or glow shows; charm and a touch of magic!

Miss Trixsta is a talented fire performer who specialises in dancing with fire chains; fire fingers and staff. She also performs fakir (body burning) and fire-eating and can customise her show, music and costume to suit any event. She is available on her own, or with one to three other performers presenting a choreographed stage show and/or "meet and greet" fire. Two of the current acts are a Cabaret fire show and a Taste of the East - a show incorporating fire and belly dancing. If fire is not appropriate for your venue, Miss Trixsta can perform a UV glow show making use of vibrant glow equipment, flags and ribbons which fluoresce brilliantly under UV lighting.