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Location: UK

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Once upon a time there was a Princess......

Now I know you are expecting this to be a sweet tale of love and happy endings... But you would be wrong
In a Fantasy castle, in the realm of Dreams, lived a young Princess named Klio of Glamourania. She was quite a plain Princess (with excessively greasy hair). Like all Ugly people, she longed for the beauty she did not have and feared she would never know how it feels to run hand in hand through the meadows of Glamorania with her prince charming.( I mean she had an advert in Loot and everything, but this girl did some serious eye damage. URGH!)

Until one fateful Night.... Klio decided that the night was mild and so she would take a walk into the marsh to see if the tales of magical creatures were true, in the hope of finding her salvation. She put on her Shawl and her 'Special' hood ( lead lined for the comfort of others ) and set off into the darkness with nothing to protect her (although even the hungriest wolf would stay at least twenty feet from that girl!). So off she trolled.

Klio wandered for what seemed like an eternity (due to the fact she had to wear corrective footwear outside the castle) until she found a small pond covered in Lily pads. She decided it was time to rest (and her Tena-lady was starting to chafe her rather large inner thighs). As she lowered herself onto a nearby boulder, she noticed a small toad hopping along the footpath, getting closer and closer. Much to her surprise the small amphibian spoke to her in tones that pulled across the soul like Velvet.
"Hello sweet Princess, If I were to gather a kiss from your JUNGLE RED lips, I would instantly be transformed into a handsome, virile, young Prince and we could spent the rest of Eternity together in wedded bliss".
Later that evening as Klio sat at her dining table eating frogs legs in white wine sauce she reflected on the days events thinking to herself........ "I dont fucking think so"

On her way to Wednesday night Bingo she was cursed by an old crone , to spend the rest of her life suffering from the Pain that comes from her greatest wish. Eternal beauty!
Now some people say that she should wear 'lower' heels and looser fitting frocks, but she has no choice until the curse is lifted. To lift the curse she must find herself an enchanted frog, kiss him and pledge her un-dying love.
But why the hell would she?...... she's gorgeous and she's having some fun.

Miss Klio Miss Klio
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