Acrobats: Mimbre

Location: UK

Related Acts: Trip-tic
MimbreImpact Artists   MimbreImpact Artists

Mimbre are a trio who use high-energy acrobatic techniques, combining somersaults and other forms of flight, with vaults, balances and human pyramids.
Mimbre's cabaret act shows off their stunning acrobatic skills, performed with an innovative style of fast flowing movement and clever choreography. Normally performed as an energetic and playful piece, it can also be performed slower for more atmospheric occasions.

Mimbre also regularly perform for photo shoots, pop videos, corporate parties and working with other performers and artists as part of bigger shows. Site specific performances can also be created, using the special features of a space, adapting to the atmosphere and feel of an event.

Mimbre Mimbre Mimbre Mimbre Mimbre
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