Stilts: Michal Kahn

Location: UK

Related Acts: Balloonatics
Michal KahnImpact Artists   Michal KahnImpact Artists

é─˙Michal Kahn is that perfect walkabout performer, combining mischief and incredible artistic ability to produce mind-boggling entertainment.é─¨

Whether performing one of her hilarious stilt characters or Balloon Modelling like you've never seen it before, Michal Kahn will have you both dumb with amazement and shaking with laughter, whatever your age.

Some of the most popular balloon acts include
Cartoon Characters - from Donald Duck to Bob the Builder
Impossible Hats - huge intricate hats made in record speed using never-seen-before techniques!
Rubber Heads - hilarious balloon caricatures of guests.
Giant Latex Costumes - elaborate costumes for fashion shows and publicity stunts.

Suitable for family, corporate and themed events alike , Michal adds a big splash of rubber humour to any event!

Michal Kahn Michal Kahn
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