Walkabout: Metroccolis

Location: Germany

MetroccolisImpact Artists   MetroccolisImpact Artists

Metroccolis is the word for fresh and electrifying mime out of Berlin, Germany. We are a group of young, impassioned and experienced mime performers living the way of body theater, celebrating that stage art 24 hours per day and creating lots of projects to show that there is a next level in mime.
Mimes don't need a theater. Mimes are the theater. Mimes don't need to speak. Their moves are unmistakable. For years we have been proving that performing worldwide with a great feedback. Once seen, you will remember mime in a new way.
Collaborating with fantastic video and graphic artists and highly skilled musicians we are able to offer professionalism and enthusiasm in every single aspect of our performances and their follow up use.
Theater. Event. Video. Club. Street. Metroccolis doesn't know any limits.
Your heart is our target. So prepare to get addicted.

Metroccolis Metroccolis Metroccolis Metroccolis Metroccolis
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