Artists: Megumi Biddle

Location: UK

Megumi BiddleImpact Artists   Megumi BiddleImpact Artists

If you are looking to be entertained in style, if the occasion calls for something especially memorable, ité─˘s difficult to imagine a more exquisite performance than the silhouette artistry of Megumi.

Megumi is on of the few true artists who continue to practice the tradition of free-hand cut portraiture. Her painteré─˘s eye enables her to produce extremely fine and detailed silhouettes which are something of a rarity on the contemporary art scene. Who knows todayé─˘s conversation pieces could prove to be a collectoré─˘s item of tomorrow!

A perfect way for you to entertain is to have your guesté─˘s silhouette fixed on your promotional materials, which theyé─˘ll take away and keep for ever. This elegant blend of creativity and deftness is suitable for occasions ranging from Banquets, Barmitzvahs, Cocktail Parties, Corporate Events, Hospitality Rooms, Product Launches, Society Balls and Weddings.

Megumié─˘s exciting, unique and visual performance can be presented with Japanese, French or English é─˛patteré─˘, hence making her suitable for an international audience. She is also a designer, illustrator and portrait artist with a long standing interest in paper crafts and doll-making. At the 1985 All Japan Handcraft Art Societyé─˘s exhibition, she received the societyé─˘s top debut award for developing her own unique style of doll-making.

Megumi Biddle Megumi Biddle
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