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The Mediaeval Baebes exquisite storybook beauty came to life in 1996, when a group of friends broke into a North London cemetery and sang together, clad in flowing white gowns and crowns of ivy. The Baebes are excited to have fresh blood in the line up this year, in the shape of Melpomeni, Esther, Bev, Lee and Maxine. These ladies join Katharine, Emily and Rabbitt in a glorious melting pot of talent. On and offstage the Baebes enjoy a sisterly camaraderie; their joy at performing together is a thing to behold and when not performing you will find them clustered together in little groups, giggling and perhaps plotting mischief.

Pulling lyrics from medieval texts and setting them to original scores using mediaeval and classical instruments, the Baebes offer a sound that is unique. Their choice of mediaeval texts are often dramatic, obscure and dark in topic and may remark upon the inevitability of death, the pointlessness of material possessions, the horror of unrequited love or the dangers of imbibing too much alcohol. Other, more lighthearted material may refer to flirting with a man of the cloth or be a simple celebration of the dawning of Spring. The girls sing in an impressive range of old languages too; Mediaeval French, Spanish, English, Swedish, Irish, Italian and Latin to name just a few.

Their achievements over the past decade have been wondrous and incredibly diverse. Five beautiful studio albums have been thrust into the top of the Classical charts. The Baebes recorded a live DVD and album last year, featuring a selection of live favourites. The Baebes recent contribution to the BBC production of The Virgin Queen' (composed by Martin Phipps) resulted in a deserved Ivor Novello award 2007 for best television soundtrack. A new studio album is planned for 2008 and plans are underfoot for a clothing line as well. The band have toured the UK, Europe, Canada and the USA, performing everywhere from castles and caves to nightclubs and Renaissance Fayres. Look out for their UK Cathedral Tour this year, where they will transport the listener to another world with their enchanting melodies, in the most glorious of surroundings.

The Mediaeval Baebes phenomenon evokes feelings of fairytale whimsy, otherworldly enchantment, and supernatural seduction. The seven maidens seamlessly interweave a mystical blend of ancient linguistics, folkloric tradition and lush soundscapes. Their forthright attitude, freshness and lack of pretension make them one not to miss.

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