Walkabout: Maynard Flip Flap

Location: UK

Maynard Flip FlapImpact Artists   Maynard Flip FlapImpact Artists

Man in a Box and Fool:
'A great show that draws a huge crowds every time, the perfect combination of audience participation and wild crazy humour. Maynard has the ability to focus hundred's of pairs of eyes on to just one small egg or one small biscuit with explosive results'.
Jo Burgess, Fools paradise

Maynard is one of those performers who really knows how to play. He even captures the attention of passers by who would normally consider themselves 'too cool' for street theatre. Some of my favourite moments of audience interaction have been in his show Daft as a Brush, which attracts some of the largest crowds I have ever seen for a street show. Entertainment to make a lasting impact.
Anna Strickland, Missing links Productions

Maynard Flip Flap Maynard Flip Flap Maynard Flip Flap Maynard Flip Flap Maynard Flip Flap
Maynard Flip Flap
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Press Credits:
Wonderfully entertaining as always, your 'Man in a Box' is a true 21st century pied piper - captivating adults and kids alike with that great mix of anxiety and delight.
Anne Tucker, Manchester International Arts

We have booked Maynard Flip Flap for many events over many years, we love his comic antics. Hes a comic masterpiece and richly deserves his international acclaim and all his awards. We hope to be booking him for many years to come.
Maggie Wrench, Newcastle under Lyme Borough Council