Jugglers: Mat Ricardo

Location: UK

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Known internationally as "That bloke who does the tablecloth trick", Mat is the undisputed master of that particular piece of classic vaudeville schtick, but there's more to him than that...
His speciality is throwing, catching, balancing, spinning and bouncing things that really shouldn't be thrown, caught, balanced, spun or bounced !
Tennis racquets, fine bone china, luggage, bottles, glasses, umbrellas, cutlery, bowling balls, clothing, kittens...
Ok, so I lied about the kittens but the rest is true - he'll take pretty much any everyday object and do something cool, clever, funny or downright spectacular with it !

A truly international comedy act, Mat has appeared on more than 30 television shows, performed in theatres and at festivals throughout the World and was the featured solo cabaret performer in the West-End show "The Wedding".
He has also been lucky enough to have performed live for members of the Royal families of both the UK and Jordan.

He has performed his act or special presentations for many corporate clients including:
Microsoft, IBM, British Telecom, Nestle, Guiness, Tetleys, BAA, British Gas, Harrods, Zeneca, Selfridges, The National Gallery, Penguin Books, Rueters, The National Theatre, The Alliance and Leicester, JVC and many more.

Mat Ricardo Mat Ricardo Mat Ricardo
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