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Martin and SinatraImpact Artists   Martin and SinatraImpact Artists

Thereé─˘s a secret to any successful singing duo. You have to know each-other. Inside-out. Without this kind of friendship thereé─˘s no rapport, no charisma.
Martin Green and Simon Baker have this in spades, and they know each-other very well having first met as sand-pit pals aged 5 in junior school.
By the time they were the ripe old age of 11 they had formed a band and were playing music and singing harmonies, practising every hour they could find between their lessons.

They pursued separate musical ventures after their school years; Martin as a very popular DJ, highly in demand for Discos, Karaoke & Dinner Dances, then creating a successful male/female duo performing songs from the west end musicals creating his own shows.
Simon has fronted a successful disco revue band for the past 10 years playing in front of massive audiences. These include many bookings at Butliné─˘s main stage supporting many well known artists including Toyah Wilcox, Rose Royce and The Real Thing.
Martin and Simoné─˘s professional relationship was reignited after they realised that together they had a lot to offer with their vocal talents, and after some initial rehearsals decided to take on the songs of arguably the greatest singers of our generation.

The Martin & Sinatra show made ité─˘s debut in September 2008. The show combines solo performances from Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, along with some of their famous duets.

From classics such as Volare, Come Fly With Me, Amore, Mack The Knife, and duets such as They Cané─˘t Take That Away From Me, Well Did You Evah?, Martin & Sinatra will Fly You to the Moon with their authentic renditions and good old-fashioned humour.

Martin and Sinatra Martin and Sinatra Martin and Sinatra
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