Aerialists: Marawa Wins - Aerial

Location: UK

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Performance History:
There have been many - these are some of the highlights:

2007 whoopee club, london
2007 absinth club tour
2007melbourne international comedy festival
2007 mdm brussells first birthday
2007 red door burlesque - The Order of Melbourne
2007 filthy gorgeous burlesque NY
2006 aerial residency at The Order Of Melbourne
2006 St. Jeromes Carpark Festival
2006 Big Day Out
2006 Commonwealth Games, athletes party at QBH
2006 south dragons basket ball
2005 Opening, Andy Warhol exhibition at the NGV
2005 Ghetto fabulous NYE
2004 Meredith Music Festival
2004 Ghetto Fabulous NYE
2004/5/6 The Famous Spegieltent, club spegiel
2004/5 lé─˘oreal fashion week
2003/4/5 FAD Fashion week shows

Marawa Wins - Aerial Marawa Wins - Aerial Marawa Wins - Aerial Marawa Wins - Aerial
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