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Location: UK

Lucha Libre LondonImpact Artists   Lucha Libre LondonImpact Artists

Lucha Libre London is the UK's introduction to Mexican Lucha Libre. In its triumphant debut at the Roundhouse this summer Lucha Libre fought for the heart and soul of London é─ý and won hands down. Now we offer you spectacular high-flying, jaw-dropping, ring-grappling, mask-wearing Mexican entertainment that is guaranteed to rock your world.

Featuring the legendary gladiator El Hijo del Santo, whose tecnico side includes the mighty but minimal Mascarita Sagrada as they face the evil side of the rudos, whose leader Blue Demon Jr is joined by the lonesome and nasty Hijo del Solitario and Mascarita Dorada the mini-troll from Jack Blacké─˘s Nacho Libre.

Lucha Libre London also brings back Londoné─˘s favourite lip-locking, transvestite wrestler Cassandro and this time heé─˘s bringing a new é─˛exoticoé─˘ to the party é─ý La chiquilla é─˛Ruby Gardeniaé─˘ - for double the cross-dressing action.

The luchadores line-up also includes: the sun god Solar, high flyers Mystyco de Juarez and Magno, the singing mariachi é─˛Corazon de Barrioé─˘, the prince of darkness Silver King, the giant Athor and the minis Octagoncito and Peque?▒o Pierrot.

The whole spectacle is hosted by MC Gregorio é─˛El Caballero Inglesé─˘ and DJ Toy Selectah of the Mexican super group Control Machete.

Without further ado ladies and gentlemané─Â ready your eyes for they will pop, loosen your jaws for they will drop, get down on your knees and pray for it never to stopé─Â Ladies and gentlemané─Â we present LUUUUCHAAAA LIIIIBREEEE LOOOOONDOOOOON!!!!!

Lucha Libre London Lucha Libre London
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