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Location: UK

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Imagine for a moment, being told things that exist solely in your mind that no-one could possibly know. Having your actions predicted before you have made them, or even having your watch change to a time that exists only in your mind!
This is a unique and very powerful form of entertainment, this is not the regular white rabbits and top hat magic of yesteryear, this is a new, fresh and modern form of mystifying entertainment. Looch will ensure a memorable and fascinating night to you and all of your guests.

Born in the summer of 1980 Looch was a curious child, he was always fascinated by the alternative. By the age of Ten, he had already become one of the youngest Black belts in the country as a student of Shotokan Karate.

The consistent training had programmed Looch to use both his physical and mental skills to overcome whatever life threw at him. It was at the age of 15 that Looch made a decision that would in avertedly change the course of his life. Whilst in America Looch witnessed a magician perform close up, he decided to spend his pocket money on a small book.

This book would influence Looch into becoming a lifelong student of the deceptive arts, although the majority of his teenage years were taken up with sleight of hand, he made a conscious decision to leave behind the traditional aspects of magic to focus on little known and somewhat underground techniques that were years ago associated with the paranormal and supernatural.

Since then Looch has developed many strange and talked about Psychological skills that always leave his audience both entertained and inspired.

Throughout it all, Looch has remained adamant that everything he does is done so through perfectly natural means. This is not Psychic, this is not Magic, This is Looch, welcome...

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