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Location: UK

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Loki is a wonderfully visual entertainer whose remarkable talents were recognised and acclaimed at the very highest level when he was recently awarded the title as the Magic Circle's 'Stage Magician of the Year'. This year he also won the IBM Originality Trophy for most original act as well as the 2002/3 Theo Speaker Award.

Loki's act is best described as a Magical Cartoon Fairytale. Beautifully produced and presented, his performance is fast paced and bright with props and stage furniture that are almost surreal in their design. He works silently in classic mime to specially arranged orchestral music which gives his performance complete international appeal. The brilliant quirkiness that is themed throughout the show treats his audiences everywhere to something quite unique and entertainingly different, keeping them totally enthralled throughout.

The magical finale is a beautiful and touching routine where Loki ingeniously and progressively creates a snowfall throughout the entire venue! From the simple beginnings of a huge snow globe, he produces thousands of snowflakes from his empty hands which carry high up into the air. This truly dramatic can be augmented not with paper confetti, but a water based substance that falls, feels, settles and gently melts away - just like real snow! Adults literally become child-like, as this very realistic snow storm continues for just as long as you wish.

Loki's brilliantly original presentation is a truly magical and memorable experience, suitable for audiences of all sizes, - internationally. He recently represented the UK at 'FISM', the World Magic Championships in the Hague in Holland and he recently recorded a new 10-part magic show for Trouble Television called 'Playing Tricks'. He is currently recording a new television series for Sky One due for transmission early 2005.

Loki specialises in coporate product launches and can implement any product or theme into his performance, thus giving a customised show. From a lipstick to a skyscraper, Loki is one of the most creative and ingenious magicians available.

Psychological mind control and manipulation is the new wave Magic to become recently popular. An intimate evening around the dining table with one very special guest who always knows what people think of him. Perfect for
corporate dinners and banquets. A truly astounding display of mind reading with mental dexterity, lingustics and neurological programming that will simply stun your audiences.

* A randomly thought of time is plucked from the mind of a volunteer.

* An ESP demonstration that shows perception far beyond mere coincidence.

* Harnessing mental energy, enough to make an ordinary light bulb, explode.

* Momentarily control a spectators apparent free will.

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