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Location: Hungary

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The recall of our European music heritage and the redefinition of the romantic style is the main goal of Levente’s new production, the Sentimental Piano Concert. The young pianist- composer has brought the knowledge and experience over the long years of working on music to a valuable fresh and mature production.
Egry Levente’s Sentimental Piano Concert is a niche within itself. In today’s over-consuming world and its services, supply is shorter and shorter for those who, seeking inner harmony, search innately to live through elemental human feelings.
The Sentimental Piano Concert speaks to the trained ears of classical music, as well as finds the way to those who are less experienced in a multi-movement piano concerto or any other refined pieces of music. Sentimental is primarily classical; expands the borderlines of the genre and speaks to people through the language of music The road leading to Sentimental Piano Concert has been long. After having finished the conservatory and the Academy of Musical Arts, Levente became widely popular and recognised in the pop scene. This journey became more successful than anyone could have imagined. Levente originated and formed the internationally chart topping band, Hip Hop Boyz . As a singer, songwriter and producer, he led the group to be one of the most admired and successful bands of the country.
Later, the young composer challenged himself outside Hungary by gaining experiences in the United States as a musician as well as a producer. He worked with such international superstars as Anastacia, Tarkan and the management of Celine Dion.
Nevertheless, during his years of massive success he always remained faithful to his roots in classical and jazz music. He continuously improved and cultivated his skills on piano, hoping that one day he would create and compose meaningful interpretations.
The long-ago dream has transformed into a wider reality filling concerthalls whose audience is not only connoisseurs.

Levente Egry Levente Egry
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