Aerialists: Leo and Yam

Location: UK

Related Acts: Leo Hedman
Leo and YamImpact Artists   Leo and YamImpact Artists

This is a double corde-lisse routine is a flirtatious teasing game between two friends that develops into a playful duel in the air. Both sides are trying to get the strongest position on the single rope using any weakness of the other opponent.
é─˛Knockouté─˘ is a stylish show with a strong visual impact. Ité─˘s funny, sexy but most of all very exciting.

Kissed by the snow queen, this character has now a heart of ice and the only thing that stirs his emotions is crystallized beauty of snow flakes. With intricate and beautiful movements up a pair of a silver white silks he tries to catch and chase them. But what will happen when the snow stops falling?

This act tells the story of one of the most mysterious but none the less most beautiful creatures on earth - The Black Widow. In her journey to search for a new victim and to fulfill her duty in nature the character creates a strong atmosphere and draws the audience into her own private web. The act combines high rope skills, live video and animation.

Leo and Yam Leo and Yam Leo and Yam Leo and Yam Leo and Yam
Leo and Yam Leo and Yam Leo and Yam
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