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Location: UK

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Le Pants is ensemble of dancers, home made video's, costume changes and live visuals. It is a very tongue in cheek show and quite saucy! The songs are written by Le Pants and are a satire of western culture. Wrapped up in extreme silliness and sexiness the songs are sung live whilst the dancers do their thing. They do a 30 minute set in which they costume change for each song whilst playing home made videos sure to crack you up. The characters range from randy cowgirls, 60's obssesive compulsive house wives, fame hungry disco diva's and chavs.

They do a 30 minute set with all the songs, dances, live visuals, home made videos and costume changes. They can also split the set up and perform one off songs from the set. They also do walkabout, using any of the three characters: Sexy cowgilrs, 60's pill popping obssesive compulsive house wives, and the most loved characters: the Chavs.

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