Stilts: Larkin About Stilts

Location: UK

Related Acts: Electroglide Angels

Their stilt-based comedy characters combine high levels of skill and original ideas to create memorable street theatre. All characters are created with great attention to detail and most use our unique stilt PA system for musical or vocal effects.

Foxtrot Oscar:
Oscar and his amazing puppet dancing partner will enthral as they trip the light fantastic at a Palais de Danse or street near you . Waltzes, Tangos and foxtrots are performed in the strictest of tempos to the music of Victor Sylvester.

An eight foot scarecrow with a talking crow on his shoulder. The crow is a beautiful cable puppet with a high pitched cheeky voice.

Deep Sea Divers:
Descend to the deep with these wacky Divers who are unable to talk under water and so communicate with wipeboards and signals. Strange undersea sounds emanate from them and youd better watch out for their leaky helmets.

Dithering , Doddering and Walter:
This crusty old waiters will serve guests from their dripping trays of champagne and weird wriggling canap?s.

The Teddy Boys:
1950s wide boys Frankie, Eddie and Johnny the jiving Rock and Roll rough diamonds, Wanna buy a watch ??

Other characters include-
Sir Toby Oldesoake-Tudor life and soul of the Banquet.
Daemon- Gothic Horror Butler with Spike the spitting, severed head.