Aerialists: Kirsty Little

Location: UK

Related Acts: Airlight, Plunge, Snow, Wrong Size
  Kirsty LittleImpact Artists  

Kirsty specialises in aerial work. Going beyond the limitations of traditional circus, she uses the fluidity of movement in suspension to enhance the atmosphere and architecture of a specific site.

She aims to introduce the possibilities of aerial work to any venue, using many styles and formats. From the simplicity of her solo act "Red" to the grace and beauty of an ensemble, she aims to familiarise new audiences with the concept of full skies.

Conceived and choreographed by Kirsty Little 'RED' is a beautiful piece of aerial trapeze solo. Performed in a long flowing dress, the movement quality draws from Butoh with slow powerful grace set to Jocelyn Pook's haunting score.

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