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Location: UK

Stuff and Things - Keystone KopsImpact Artists   Stuff and Things - Keystone KopsImpact Artists

The Keystone Kops
Comedy Walkabout mime show with sound effects and music.
Inspired by the black and white Keystone Kops silent movies from the early 1900s, this show takes the classic original concept of the Kops and brings them back to life after almost a centurys absence.

The bungling Kops as hard as they try are (as ever) incapable of apprehending their quarry the elusive escaped convict Slippery Jack. On the run from law and order with his ball and chain in tow, Jack outwits the Kops at every twist and turn with his nimble guile and cunning disguises
who would ever suspect a standard lamp, or that man with the impossible moustache...? Could those Crazy Kops really be even more stupid than they look !

Frustrated beyond their limits of self control, the incompetent Kops pass the buck of blame to and fro with escalating vim and vigour - it wont be long before their truncheons are drawn - but maybe theyre not for Jack! And so Constables Mouton and Blewit on their pocket sized police scooter, chase their tails in increasingly bewildering disarray, as Jack escapes their clutches one more time.

In keeping with the silent movie era, this show is a faithful reproduction of the original farcical slapstick films, but it is performed as black and white Silent Theatre a mime based physical theatre walkabout show, but with each performer controlling their own musical accompaniment and slapstick sound effects. Authentic Rag Time music is used, amongst an array of evocative sound effects, and scene setting piano scores.

Each performer has a concealed state of the art miniaturised (but loud) personal PA system with remote controller. This arrangement gives each performer superb improvisational control, freedom and flexibility to set their own scene and mood, or the ability to execute tightly choreographed sequences. The PAs are extremely high quality purpose built systems concealed within either shoulder bags, or the convicts ball and chain.

The show comprises two or three Kops with push scooter, and one convict.

Normal show running time is 30 minutes and 3 shows per day. Suitable for street, festival, private & corporate events.

Stuff and Things - Keystone Kops Stuff and Things - Keystone Kops Stuff and Things - Keystone Kops Stuff and Things - Keystone Kops Stuff and Things - Keystone Kops
Stuff and Things - Keystone Kops
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