Weird: Keda Breeze

Location: UK

Artists: Keda Breeze
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This explosive starlet is one of the leading artists on the UK's burlesque scene today. Kedas diverse repertoire of lavish acts ranges from highly glamorous classic burlesque shows, featuring sights such as her to cavorting on top of her giant dressing table prop in her Scarlet Boudoir Show. Keda is perhaps best known for performing burlesque with side show circus skills such as her infamous Angle Grinding Show, where cascades of sparks fly from her metal knickers, or her utterly unique Burlesque Striptease Fire Show. Keda also performs more avant-garde acts which are not for the faint hearted. Kedas performance training includes attending the respected Circomedia circus school, and since then she has wowed audiences across the world. Her appearances include Turkish Princess Ayses private party, for Kenny Jones of The Who, to Courts of the Justices where Princess Anne was amongst the guests. Other engagements range from high profile TV appearances, to cabarets such as Whoopee Club, Lost Vagueness and The Flash Monkey, to posing as a muse for Banksy!

Keda Breeze Keda Breeze Keda Breeze Keda Breeze Keda Breeze
Keda Breeze Keda Breeze Keda Breeze
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