Magicians: Julian James

Location: UK

  Julian JamesImpact Artists  

Satiated with the mystery of self, he arrives.
As he enters the space, faces focus outward.
Wistfully expectant; they know who he is.

His presence engulfs the expanse of the room, and as he graciously engages those that wait, anticipating, his magic unfolds before them. Elegantly, through the penetrating intensity of his diamond gaze, he proceeds with captivating embrace, to manifest the deep creation of his artful wonder.
The space breathes new and bracing ambience, and the faces, once distinctly passive, become subject to unambiguous change. No longer do they tell of the drudgery that may have recently preoccupied their awareness, nor do they bespeak the melancholy of timeless thoughts, for they, in the presence of their mysterious visitor, have entered new realms of knowing.
The experience that overwhelms them expands outwards; the melancholy dissipating into airy nothing, and in its place remains the growing fascination that captivates the moments that continue.
A warm and entrancing quality fills the space. The few hours that have passed seem to have been distorted through the uncommon transpiration of these moments - moments soon to become memories. The kind of memories that are eternal.
It is already time for him to depart.
And so, as he leaves the faces in shadows of shapely colours, he steps out into the biting air, gazing upwards towards the darkness.
He is no longer present - but the memories will remain.

His work is done.

Julian James Julian James
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