Aerialists: Joseph Pinzon

Location: USA

Joseph PinzonImpact Artists   Joseph PinzonImpact Artists

Joseph is a recent graduate the "Ecole Nationale du Cirque", the worlds top circus school that is located in Canada.

Dance Trapeze:
Both the enemy and the partner, the trapeze serves as a challenge. Ready for a fight, the contender responds with dynamic maneuvers in order to manipulate his adversary to submission. However, as the battle plays out, it is not clear if the winner has truly won.
Duration - 5 minutes 30 seconds.

Silks / Tissu:
Hesitant yet determined, a young man faces his fears again. The unexpected and the familiar provoke both intricate responses and startling discoveries. As his awareness mounts, his developing agility allows him to abandon doubt, and, literally, let go.
Duration - 5 minutes 45 seconds.

Joseph Pinzon Joseph Pinzon Joseph Pinzon
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