Artists: Jon Hicks

Location: UK

Jon HicksImpact Artists   Jon HicksImpact Artists

This International Man of Artistry has made his brushmark at events worldwide with his truly unique shows:

Upside down, revolving, 6 foot tall paintings of the iconically famous.
Executed with speed, style, dexterity, attitude and immaculate timing to music. (5 -15 minutes)

Mr Hicks appears as a stony faced storeman, bored with work.
For amusement he gets into his cardboard box, sawing commences, holes and surprises appear: a pair of hands doing origami, a rocket launch, a companion's head...culminating in the box and Jon being transformed into an animated working throne and the cardboard king.
A surprising, funny, performance, choreographed to a soundtrack of music and sound effects throughout. (15-25 minutes)

The adult prodigy enthrals with his high skill repertoire of artistic oddities.
Including the animated cardboard box, painting with a mop, audience participation, an appearing broom, origami, suspense, surprise, comedy, and rapid fire outsized artworks.
This show of creativity is performed to a soundtrack of stylish music and climaxes in the legendary, awesome, upside down delight of a big finish. (35 - 45 minutes)

Jon also produces art works to a client brief, in a variety of mediums. From fantastic speed performances to works over hours or days.
On a canvas, a car, a pavement, the side of a house, a football pitch or a big mountain.
JON HICKS artist in action
TV appearances in Canada, Japan, New Zealand and on the BBC (he has 2 Blue Peter badges).

Jon Hicks Jon Hicks Jon Hicks Jon Hicks Jon Hicks
Jon Hicks Jon Hicks Jon Hicks Jon Hicks Jon Hicks
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Press Credits:
é─˛awe inspiring performanceé─˘ - Zap Productions
é─˛stealing the show with an act never before seen at this festivalé─˘ - Timaru Herald - New Zealand
é─˛Balleticé─˘ - Hattie Spice - England
é─˛Your shows were fabulous and drew large crowds which made a fantastic atmosphere in the town square... thankyou very much for your professionalism and hard work.é─˘ - Debbie Robinson - Co-ordinator Walsall Streets Alive