Walkabout: John Sikorski

Location: UK

John SikorskiImpact Artists   John SikorskiImpact Artists

Russian Sailor-Dmiitri
Comedy/Musical Walkabout
With only one nighté─˘s shore leave, this sassy sailor loves to mingle, and may even have spectators up dancing to his exceptional Gypsy accordion music! His intriguing Russian accent leaves Dimitri of questionable background. Was he truly washed ashore as he claims?
An engaging musical walkabout act. Dimitri's charming persona will break the ice at the frostiest of gatherings!

Final Journey
A comical take on the afterlife with Undertaker, Bartholomew Blake
We are delicately reminded of our mortality, as Bartholomew mingles with the crowds, taking discreet measurements of prospective clients and commenting on pallor. The Funeral Director lures audiences with his intriguing fetish for object balancing. And watch out for the 'Finishing Powder'!
A one man interactive walkabout act, featuring circus balancing skills. Dead Entertaining, strange demeanour - and at his prime in a mingling environment.

Jean-Luc - Accordioniste Francais
'Vive la France!'
Jean-Luc may well be more French than ......... le Camembert ...... but his Parisian talents are far from cheesy. The cafes of Paris are brought straight to your doorstep, as the eccentric Jean-Luc (a close relative of Amelie) cultivates a distinctly French atmosphere at events, and has always a few things to say in his native Franglais

..... tres chique.

John Sikorski John Sikorski John Sikorski John Sikorski John Sikorski
John Sikorski John Sikorski John Sikorski
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