Jugglers: John Farnworth

Location: UK

John FarnworthImpact Artists   John FarnworthImpact Artists

John grew up in Preston (England) where he started his interest in football at a young age. He would always look at the players on television and videos that could do something a bit different with the ball, this gave him the drive and determination to practice and learn these different skills that he enjoyed watching so much. As John began to practice he quickly realised that with regular dedicated practice it is possible to mimic the skills of great players and develop much greater and more exciting ones.

With the fantastic support from his family, John began to progress in football leading him to be selected to play for Preston Town for two years. At the age of 14 John read Simon Clifford's book "Learn to play the Brazilian Way" and started to practice the skills that were illustrated in this book. About a year after training from this book John joined his local Brazilian Soccer School, were he trained three times a week using the methods of Futebol de Salao. This Brazilian method uses a size-two weighted ball which aides skillful play, something that John enjoyed and developed greatly from.

After training, John would stay behind to further define his skills. This developed his ability to perform freestyle football tricks. At this time in his life, there were many television adverts showing and promoting these tricks and skills, these gave John further inspiration and ultimately led to him training everyday, always trying to improve and develop new skills and performance to impress his friends and family.

John developed a passion for freestyle and realised that he could inspire different people not just in football with what he could do. Word of mouth got around and John was soon performing for different events locally. John continued to train hard and was determined to make a living from his hard work.

In 2004, John met with world-renowned football performer Mr. Woo, who noticed his abilities with a ball and invited him down to his competition in London. John won this competition and subsequently catapulted him to the forefront of football freestyling both in the UK and abroad. Since then Johns profile has grown rapidly as a top performer, John has visited countries such as Holland, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and America displaying his unique talents.

Most recently, in December 2006 John was crowned the World Freestyle Champion in Amsterdam, a great achievment for John already as he is only just started his Freestyling Career!

John continues to have a great attitude into his work and in life. His positive and friendly character as enabled him to build up an impressive client base in which he wishes to continually grow over the coming years.

John Farnworth John Farnworth John Farnworth
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