Drag Artistes: Jet Black

Location: UK

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Allow me, if I may, to take you on a trip, a trip you will never forget for the rest of your life. I want to take this humble opportunity of introducing you to the mere existence of a very sad, sick individual, Jet Black!
A journey into the life of a fabulous entertainer, some say she is schizophrenic others of course realise that he is in actual fact a drag queen, yes a drag queen, a drag queen with a difference.
Working every occasion imaginable, Hen nights, Stag nights, filming, grams, television & he has also recorded a medley of the great Jungle book classics I Wanna Be Like You & Bear Necessities. with pop supremo's Mike Stock & Matt Aitken.
He is a multi talented entertainer with several great shows, a live cabaret show, a mime show, a compere show, and a Christmas show.
The life story of Jet is not a happy one, being dragged up in a council estate in Aberdeen, Scotland, forced to go to school dressed as a boy albeit the school was nice it was approved by a J P. but the people were not so friendly.
On leaving school she relocated to London and met a lady by the name of Savage, who taught her a lot about lying on her back for a quid or two, unfortunately she had to work a week in hand. One day when she reached orgasm she gave such a yell and was told she had a fab singing voice and should be on stage.
She could not believe her luck all her dreams were coming true, now after a string of divorces she has come to realise that all men are bastards, especially ones with hair lips and clef pallets.
Now she stumbles around drinking Brandy & Lemonade s and is now keeping a drunken pig called Biff, she calls him Biff because he is a Big, Idle, Fat F**ker. He is expensive so please get on that phone and book her, she needs the money, and shes got a man that does no work and 3 hungry kids plus four grandkids to look after its no Joke.
If you want to chance your luck with Jet please call or email as soon as possible.
Unless scripted this is an adult show; whether you love this act or hate it you will never forget it. Jet - Black is looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Jet Black has five great shows to offer. Jet's most popular show is the compere show - whereby Jet is described as being Bet Lynch with an attitude. This entertainer has a tremendous loyalty to both those that book him and the people he works with, a true professional.