Lookalikes: Gary Tiplady - Jaws / Lurch

Location: UK

Gary Tiplady - Jaws / LurchImpact Artists   Gary Tiplady - Jaws / LurchImpact Artists

Jaws (James Bond)
Gary is a lookalike for the character JAWS from the James Bond (007) films.
Gary is one of the biggest meet and greet stars in United Kingdom. As well as working all over Europe his work has taken him to the Javerts centre in New York, where he worked at a toy model exhibition.
The reaction he got from America, from arriving at the airport, to taking a taxi, to having a meal in China town was are you the guy from James Bond?

The Ultimate 7 3 butlerĶ(Full 3 hour split routine)

The evening begins with the gigantic 7 ft 3in Lurch welcoming the guests with his low down grumbling voice and crunching enormous hand shake.
As the guests arrive for the evening he starts taking coats from the male guests (with some of the men still in them!) He may then give a few brush downs with his massive clothes brush; maybe comb a few hairs, set straight a few ties and tell the guests I expect they have life insurance cover
Whoa betide if anybody is late.
Then its mingling with guests; asking if they are enjoying their nibbles, topping up their drinks and lots of tom foolery.
Then with my booming Lurch tone I announce that dinner is about to be served. Then its off round the tables seating the guests and making sure there napkins are placed tightly around their necks.
All in all, a proven ice breaker at any social corporate occasion.

Gary Tiplady - Jaws / Lurch Gary Tiplady - Jaws / Lurch Gary Tiplady - Jaws / Lurch Gary Tiplady - Jaws / Lurch Gary Tiplady - Jaws / Lurch
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