Walkabout: Icarus Performance Troupe

Location: Australia

Icarus Performance TroupeImpact Artists   Icarus Performance TroupeImpact Artists

Giant Bouncing Kangaroos. Roo'd is an act by Icarus Performance Troupe....a mob of kangaroos on amazing bouncing stilts. Jumping up to a metre off the ground and 2 metres in a bound, they are a phenomenal sight. Their characters are a crossover of outback macho and inner city punk savy - always Roo'd but never offensive. A favourite at festivals around the world.
Voted 2nd best act at the 2002 Glastonbury Festival on BBC Radio 1 Listeners Poll
Having performed in over 20 countries around the world, Rood is one of Australias most successful independent artistic exports.
2-3 Performers

Beach Patrol
Sharks beware! These Bronzed heroes of surf and sand are on patrol and eager to prove they're ready to rescue. Marvel at their mouth to mouth! Be dazzled by their daring drills! Heroic? Certainly. Posers? Definitely. You'll need CPR after these moustachioed musclemen have bared their biceps while diverting danger. Swim outside the flags at your own peril.
The act involves 2 x 45min sets in which they march through areas in search of a beach. At different places through the course of their journey, they display their muscle building poses - the Arny, Forward Thrust and the Buns of Steel. Members of the audience are rescued and Mouth to Mouth offered.
3 performers.

Icarus Performance Troupe Icarus Performance Troupe Icarus Performance Troupe
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Press Credits:
"Icarus always give our Glastonbury Festival audiences a great deal of fun, whether in their kangaroos role or as the stunning new lifeguards." Arabella Churchill Glastonbury Festival

"Icarus have guest-starred at a number of WOMADelaides, with ROO'd, Giant Leap, the Molotov Brothers, Bouncers and the Moooody Cows - in fact many of these creations have made their debut at the festival. We are always thrilled to have Icarus on board - they inject colour, humour and energy into the site, create a commotion wherever they go and are a delight to deal with." Annette Tripodi Arts Projects Australia