Other Acts: Housch Ma Housch

Location: Germany

Housch Ma HouschImpact Artists   Housch Ma HouschImpact Artists

Being a clown is more than wearing a smile, as shown by the graduate of the renowned school of artistry in Kiev, Semen Schuster, alias Housch-Ma-Housch. In his sketches his versatility in juggling, magic, pantomime and step dance is seconed only to the art of evoking laughter. Housch-Ma-Housch is no agent of the Guffaw. He is an observer with keen eyes, sensitive nostrils, deft hands, rhythmic soles and an unplastic (in the sense of plastic surgery) mimicry of the world.
- His haircut is his trademark.
- His Housch-Ma-Housch language is internationally inteligable.
- His nature ranges from the teasing to the childishly naive and is never nasty.
- His comic behaviour is taboo for all botox fiends.

So dare to have a few more laugh wrinkles!
Housch-Ma-Housch is to be paid with laughter and applause.

Housch Ma Housch Housch Ma Housch Housch Ma Housch Housch Ma Housch
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