Jugglers: Hoop La La

Location: UK

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Hoop La La is a London-based company dedicated to producing high quality hula-hoop performance, walkabout and workshops.
Their shows brings together the best elements of acro-balance, dance, comedy and, most importantly, Hula-hooping!

'Bathing Beauties.'
A fun and light-hearted act of hula-hooping and acrobalance in quaint vintage swimsuits to specially commissioned music. 'Bathing Beauties' is perfect for outdoor and family events over the summer, and suitable for parties and events with an 'old-fashioned' or 'seaside' theme.

'Fitness Fanatics'
A 1980's themed routine.

'Santa's Spectacular,'
For the Christmas season we present and act featuring two girls and one boy in cheeky Santa outfits performing a tightly choreographed hula-hoop and acro-balance routine to classic Christmas songs.
We can also provide hula-hoop acts as solo or duos and as a walkabout act and workshops for all ages.

'Hula Heros'
As featured on Britain's Got Talent, this act includes a dramatic costume change, as well as the usual mixture of comedy, campness and hula-hooping!

'Air Hostesses'
Specially for walkabout and meet and greet.

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Hoop La La Hoop La La
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SOLyCIRCO 2009 - GOP variety award for comedy for é─˛Hula Heroesé─˘ act