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Location: UK

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A large Christmas present sits on the floorてカ.not doing anything in particular, sitting perfectly innocently although probably right in the way of someone or somethingてカ.but it sits there all the same. Now look closer and the bow on the top moves, just a little at first but it definitely moves. Now a little moreてカてカthen it stops. Was that just your imagination or too much seasonal cheer? Watch a bit longer and arms appear, then legs and finally a head pops up from under the bow. Thereてs an elf inside!!
The HOI Christmas present elves are brilliant and highly amusing walkabout entertainment. With their unique sense of fun and cheekyness, the elves can cause hilarious mayhem at the drop of a hatてカ..although not their hats of course as that would be most un-elfy of them! In the box, out the box, on the box, under the box, the elves will pull you into their madcap world with side-splitting results. Donてt worry though as they are both fully aware of their てelf and safety duties and have a sewing kit available to repair any split sides!
With the occasional dance, joke and argument thrown in for good measure, the HOI Christmas present elves are an absolute must.

Also available to work with the elves: the naughty Christmas Present Thief て a nasty green goblin character called Hob (as in hobgoblin) who just wants all the presents for himself! Taunting and teasing the elves, Hob tries to divert their gaze and snatch a present. However the elves hatch a plan and set a trap. Enlisting the help of party guests or perhaps some children (depending on the event and venue), in good old fashioned pantomime style (てHeてs behind you!!て) the elves set their trap. Will Hob fall for it? Highly likely!! So watch with the elves as he gets his come-uppance!! Serves him right the rotter!!

Warning: for those of a nervous or overly serious disposition, this act could be bad for your てelf!!

Suitable for any corporate event, drinks party, trade shows, shopping centres, festivalsてカてカ.

Hive of Industry Walkabout Hive of Industry Walkabout Hive of Industry Walkabout Hive of Industry Walkabout Hive of Industry Walkabout
Hive of Industry Walkabout Hive of Industry Walkabout
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