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Hive of Industry present unique and innovative aerial crane shows. These extravaganzas incorporate magical contraptions for land and air. Performers sail through the air in huge circles, dangling precariously, twisting gracefully or tumbling mischievously up to a height of 25 metres. Spectacular human carousels complete these fantastical shows that entertain audiences of all ages.

The Christmas Fairy: A fantastical Christmas fairytale.
A magnificent golden Fairy flies high above a mesmerised audience casting a Christmas wish with her sparkling fairy wand.
One of the Christmas presents is missing! Donatella the Fairy looks everywhere. A naughty elf is stuck in the present and tumbles, somersaults and twists mischievously in an attempt to break free.
The dance of the beautiful Snowflake Fairy brings peace and harmony.
Donatella is placed on a spectacular seven metre Christmas tree decorated with colourful elves and the Snowflake Fairy completing this breath-taking feast of operatic scale.

The Sea Queen: A Baroque fairytale
A flamboyant Sea Queen flies high above a mesmerised audience combing her hair with a huge fish-bone and admiring herself in a shell mirror.
Two quirky aquatic creatures inhabiting magnificent colourful costumes preen and pander to the queens every need, while climbing her very long plaits.
The Shark butler swims after a naughty fish wearing the Sea Queens favourite crown. The Shark somersaults, tumbles and twists in an attempt to reclaim it.
The Sea Queen's spectacular human mobile dress decorated with magical creatures creates a sumptuous finale.

Sirens: A hauntingly beautiful night show.
A spectacular choreographed crane show suspending aerial performers from two dockside cranes with original music featuring duelling sopranos. Both human mobiles are illuminated dramatically by internal lighting. A soaring performance, reaching up from the surface of the water to fill the sky!
Sirens commissioned by the Arts Council of England and Bristol City Council as part of the 2004 Bristol Harbour Festival firework show 2004.

Hive of Industry Hive of Industry Hive of Industry Hive of Industry
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